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The mission of ACRZ, or AlphaCrewz, is to provide 'avatars that you want and show off' and lead the 'popularization of the avatar culture.' In March 2023, ACRZ will announce a mobile service that allows you to use high-quality avatars. ACRZ users will be able to purchase various digital fashion items created by various partners and creators. A new era where avatars are widely used and become another representation of yourself will soon unfold right in front of your eyes. At ACRZ, we are releasing and operating limited memberships in order to recruit key members who will lead the avatar era. ACRZ membership holders will be the first to experience ACRZ, discuss, and shape the avatar culture together through the community. Additionally, various benefits are also planned for ACRZ membership holders, so please show us your support. The ACRZ team has the experience of developing and operating LINE PLAY, which has had 80 million users globally since 2012, and many 3D games. With our experience, new trends, and new technology, the ACRZ team is ready to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, evolved service.



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